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The Picture Box – Paperback – By Arielle Grant



Follow little Ardelia as she explores her new city and notices the many roles of the Black women in the community. Perfect for ages 3 – 8.

Illustrated by: Arielle Grant

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Ardelia begins to imagine herself in these roles, which leads to a family time of sharing stories and memories that affirm Ardelia and inspire her to reach for her dreams. This book illustrates to children and adults alike, the importance of representation, self-value, and identity.

This beautifully illustrated picture book is inspired by Author & Illustrator, Arielle Grant’s introspective work. Arielle believes it is important that our children understand that their self-worth extends beyond the work they do, and that children can only dream what they can see. This picture book illustrates the importance of representation while highlighting diversity within the Black female experience.


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