About Our Company

Liberate Your Bookshelf started with one book, Black Boy, Black Boy. LYB wasn’t a thought-out plan, with a business plan or strategy. We started in the summer of 2020 with one author and one book. 

Crown Shepherd, owner and operator had just published her first book and was finding any and everyway to promote and sale Black Boy, Black Boy. Shepherd spent the summer of 2020 popping up at every outdoor event that would accept her and her book. 

After months of success and months of being asked where the girl version of Black Boy, Black Boy, I asked a friend if I could have a few copies of Black Barbie. I wanted a girl options. Those two books turned into four books. And before I knew it I was at my publishers office asking for diverse authors who needed help selling their books. 

Ten books quickly turned into over fifty books and counting. All our books are from independent diverse authors. 

Today we serve our purpose, getting diverse books into everyone’s hands. 

The Crew

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the narrative one book at a time. We aim to encourage diverse children to read. We believe the best way is to give them diverse books from diverse authors with diverse characters that reflect diverse children and adults. 

We aim to highlight diverse cultures through diverse storytelling. We believe the world can be changed through diverse literature. 

We want to flood the world with diverse narratives. Diverse narratives have the power to change the world. Diverse narratives written by diverse authors have the power to showcase diverse realities, helping the human race grow. 

Crown Shepherd


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Working directly with the authors of our books allows us a deeper understanding of each book we sell!

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