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Are you a diverse author? Do you write a diverse book? Do you need help with sales? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you have found the bookstore for you! 

We Are Committed to getting diverse books into the hands of everyone!


What our authors are saying

Joshua Jones

Author of Black Assasin & Black Assasin New Beginning

LYB Services has done a TREMENDOUS job for our company, Indomitable Comic Products, LLC. They reached out to us regarding our comic, The Indomitable Black Assassin when we were looking for help to promote it. LYB services has done an Excellent job in selling our product. In total we entrusted 50 comicbooks to LYB services and we are proud to say that the company has sold EVERY SINGLE COPY of our Comic for us. We are Blessed to be networking with LYB services. They have truly helped promote our business and we will continue to work with them as long as possible

Dr. Artika R. Tyner

CEO, Planting People Growing Justice Press and Bookstore

LYB is a dream come true. The LYB team combines talent, drive, and skillful marketing to promote our books. We are grateful for LYB’s support in growing our business and raising awareness about the importance of diversity in books.


John Light, Jr.

Author of Calvin and the Catfish

Liberate Your Bookshelf is the best place to go to get high quality BIPOC youth literature. 

Crown Shepherd has the pulse of the city and always knows where to go to serve the Community. 
Crown treats her partners with respect and delivers payments promptly. 


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