Night Wraith Issue #1 – Paperback – by Ty Marcellus


Issue #1

Nicolás Torán (Illustrator)

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Born on a Georgia plantation in 1796 to James and Ida Mandazzi, Roho Mandazzi is subjected to slavery, one of many horrors of mankind. In the year 1811, Roho is twenty-five years old when an accident results in his father killing a member of the plantation. The plantation owner punishes this action by executing James in front of his family, including his newest son Olwenyo. This final straw causes newly-widowed Ida to want to escape. Along with Roho’s love interest Mya, brother Olwenyo, and Roho himself, they run. Their attempt is futile and they too are executed.

Lying in his own grave, Roho Mandazzi hears a mysterious voice who grants him a second chance on earth as a ghostly being. This comes with an acquired set of ghostly powers Roho can use to protect those who are oppressed as he once was. From 1811 onward, Roho becomes a myth, a legend to the people who see him, if only for a fleeting moment. Rumors spread of a ghost, sparking the name “The Night Wraith”. Night Wraith becomes the hero of the oppressed, a symbol of hope.

Issue one of many!

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