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Fishing Day with Papa Ray – By Moana McAdams


Fishing Day with Papa Ray is a heart-warming bi-lingual story young children will love and families will enjoy for years to come, told in both English and ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian) languages.

  • 32-page hardcover picture book full of beautiful illustrations inspired by the rich history and indigenous culture of the Pacific Islands, created by a team of Pacific Islander artists
  • A universal, positive message about kindness, family, and community to remind the kid in all of us that we can make friends in the most unlikely places.

Illustrated by Shiela Alejandro

Nakoa and Nohea unlock a treasured family secret and learn the importance of kindness and community. When Nakoa and Nohea go on a fishing adventure with Papa, they learn that things aren’t always what they seem. This is a heart-warming story young children will love and families will enjoy for years to come, told in both English and ?? Lelo Hawai? I (Hawaiian) languages! Hawaiians rely on the land and ocean around them to provide our sustenance. We live in unity and balance with nature. Fishermen maintain personal and spiritual relationships with the ocean, gaining extensive knowledge of shore and reef areas, honing their skills to locate fish, free nets, and set traps. A successful and skilled fisherman is a highly valued asset for their entire community. My father was a great man with a quiet dignity. He was humble, down-to-earth, and a fierce protector of his family. He had a generous spirit and an iron will. As he faced his final days in battle with cancer, he occasionally lost his good humor. When he lost the ability to fish, I took on his mantle and continued his legacy. Dad taught me everything I know about fishing, family, and hard work. I wrote this book to capture some of our most cherished memories and to honor my dad’s life, memory, and legacy. As you turn the pages, I hope you feel the love felt by those who knew him best.


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