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Black Barbie – Hardcover – By Comfort Arthur


“Black Barbie a picture book that tackles big issues—race, gender, self-worth. An important book for today’s thoughtful readers, young and old alike, who want to engage in meaningful conversations about identity.” –– Tracey Francis, Co-Founder of Women in Film SE15

Illustrated by Comfort Arthur

Fairy tales and TV told me blonde was the way to be…

Why did my Mum buy a doll that looks like me?


About the author and illustrator: Comfort Arthur is an award-winning, British-born Ghanaian animator, illustrator, visual artist from the Royal College of Arts, and is the founder of The Comfy Studio. Her animated film, Black Barbie, screened at more than 50 global film festivals. Comfort curated several screenings for Fupitoons, Africa’s first film festival dedicated to short-form animation for kids. Currently, Comfort explores how technology and animation may help African and Afro-Caribbean men foster dialogue with clinicians and gain access to mental health treatment and resources.


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