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Why We Eat with Our Hands: A Celebration of Indian Culture and Heritage – Hardcover – by Anjali Jariwala


In this Indian culture book for kids, Nyla’s grandma teaches her about Ayurveda, Indian food history, and the special reason why we eat with our hands!

Nyla smiled, thinking about the dosa she ate last night. “You’re right, Nani. It’s easier to eat Indian food with our hands. And more fun!”

“It is!” Nani laughed. “And do you want to know a secret?”

Nyla nodded.

“Our hands hold a special energy.”

When Nyla eats with her family, there are never chopsticks, forks, or spoons on the table.

She asks her Nani (grandma) why and learns about something she never knew about her Indian culture―how each finger represents an element of nature!

Why We Eat with Our Hands is a celebration of Indian culture as explained through the special bond between granddaughter and grandmother.

This Hindu children’s book is an approachable introduction to Ayurveda.

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