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Grandma’s New Understanding – Paperback – by Marsha Taylor


This book is a humorous glimpse into what it’s like to live with someone who won’t accept their reality.


Abby was happy to spend weekends at Grandma and Grandpa Sagstetter’s house. She was the oldest grandchild and had them all to herself. She enjoyed spending time with them, watching their TV programs, and going to the store, but there was something that bothered her when she was there. They talked loudly to one another, which concerned Abby as she was only nine years old; she could still see the looks people gave her Grandma Sagstetter behind her back.

We all know of someone, whether a relative or a friend, who has a hearing disability. My father had this problem and refused to wear his hearing aids, and didn’t get to hear the conversations as they were said. He didn’t want anyone to know that he couldn’t listen to them, so he would nod and smile a lot, which clued me into he wasn’t hearing what was being said to him. Afterward, he would ask me, “What were they saying about such and such, or so and so?”

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