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Brandon Spots His Sign – Paperback – by Sheletta Brundidge & Lily Coyle


“The book is filled with love and compassion and will without a doubt be an inspiration to so many others.”
-President Joe Biden

“This is going to be hard to hear if you bought a “Let’s Go Brandon” sign with the intention of hurling a curse word at the president, but the more “Let’s Go Brandon” signs you put in your yard, the more you’re encouraging a 9-year-old Black child with autism from Cottage Grove.” – Jennifer Brooks, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Whatever your political beliefs, there’s no doubt the flags helped one little autistic boy.”
-Mary Ann Grossmann, Pioneer Press

Brandon has autism, and sometimes he’s afraid to try new things. Sometimes he doesn’t want to join the game. Sometimes he’d rather not jump in the pool.

But then he spots a sign that changes everything!

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