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Changing the narrative, one book at a time!

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the narrative, one book at a time. 

We encourage diverse children to read more, and the best way to achieve this is to give them diverse books from diverse authors with diverse characters. 

We also aim to highlight diverse cultures through diverse storytelling. We believe we can change the world through diverse literature. 

We only curate diverse books directly from diverse authors. Every book is curated and read before it is added to our catalog. 


Inspired by the heartwarming viral video of Daniel singing “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X, this autism awareness book celebrates the power of music to teach and heal.

In this autism book for kids, Daniel Brundidge likes to sing better than he likes to talk. When his mom wins an RV in a contest, the family sets off to visit their grandma. Daniel looks out the window and sings all the way from the Big City Highway to the Old Town Road. Laugh and sing along with the Brundidge family in this uplifting, silly story that pays homage to one of the catchiest songs ever played.


  • Imagination
  • Grandmother and Granddaughter bond
  • Great bedtime story

Inspired by a bond from a first-time grandmother, Gigi’s Little Dreamer highlights the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. For this little girl, there is no greater joy than visiting her grandma Gigi. Here are where unforgettable memories are made and inspiring adventures are had. This charming rhyming picture book created by Carmen Maples paired with playful illustrations from Jasmine Mills is the perfect book for any occasion. Laugh and sing along with the Brundidge family in this uplifting, silly story that pays homage to one of the catchiest songs ever played.


Wanting to provide nieces, nephews and children of friends and family with books featuring characters of color! What a nice variety available to me AND book was signed by the author!
Joyce Johnson
Gifted author with an excellent book for sale and offers great books from other authors as well.
Juanita Kyle
So happy to add these books to the library at the Malcolm X center in Omaha.
Marilyn Hoegemeyer

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Born on a Georgia plantation in 1796 to James and Ida Mandazzi, Roho Mandazzi is subjected to slavery, one of many horrors of mankind. In the year 1811, Roho is twenty-five years old when an accident results in his father killing a member of the plantation. The plantation owner punishes this action by executing James in front of his family, including his newest son Olwenyo. This final straw causes newly-widowed Ida to want to escape. Along with Roho’s love interest Mya, brother Olwenyo, and Roho himself, they run. Their attempt is futile and they too are executed.

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